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At Focus Technologies Service we provide services that keep your business focused on its future by taking care of your technology needs for today and into the future.  You can use your valuable time and resources to build your business while we take care of the technology needed to support you. 

We provide assistance in choosing the right equipment to meet your needs by getting the right hardware to do what you need it to do, and we keep it running for you.  Selling computers that meet your specifications and peripheral equipment, such as printers, projectors and scanners to make these computers give you all of the support that your company needs to achieve the success for which you continue to strive.

You need your company to do what it does best. Let Focus Technologies Service take care of what we do best, keeping your digital hardware operating efficiently for you.



Focus Technologies Service is a small company whose goal is to assist other small to medium size companies with acquiring and maintaining computers, printers, scanners and projectors to achieve their company goals.

We started out selling computers and quickly found out that there was more of a need to maintain the equipment and printers, so we became repair experts while still selling some hardware and consumables.

When selling hardware, we help you get the “right” equipment by finding out your intended use, volume and setting for use.  We recommend only reputable manufacturers, such as Epson, Samsung and Hewlett Packard and strive keep costs competitive by sharing our knowledge of the equipment.

When repairing hardware we get the best possible prices for parts and consumables while our familiarity with hardware repairs keeps our labor costs affordable.

We are an Authorized Service Center for Epson ink, point of sale, and impact printers as well as scanners and projectors.  We are also an Authorized Service Center for Samsung laser printers and Okidata impact and laser printers. We repair HP, Lexmark, Zebra, Toshiba, Lenovo, Dell and other brands out of warranty with authorizations pending.

All repairs are completed at our repair center in Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois.  Customers can bring in items to be repaired or send them in by courier, UPS or FedEx and a pick up/delivery service is available at an additional cost for customers in Chicagoland area.  By using our facilities for repairs, your employees are not inconvenienced by having a technician getting in their way or the mess associated with disassembly and reassembly of hardware.

New equipment and consumables, such as toner and projector lamps are, quite often, drop shipped directly to the customer, thereby eliminating the effort to arrange for pickup or delivery.

We do our best to put the CUSTOMER FIRST.


Focus Technologies Service was incorporated in 2000 as a sales and service organization serving small to medium size businesses.  Manufacturers’ service authorizations were secured starting with Epson and HP.  Since that time additional Authorized Service Center offerings have been added with additional consumable products and an expanded customer base.

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